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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 notes

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MHR 405
Louis Pike

Chapter 13 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT p 378396FIRST AND SECONDORDER PLANNED CHANGE Planned organizational change the process by which organizations move from their present state to some desired future state to increase their effectivenessOrganizational survival requires that organizations change before a crisis hits them Expecting the unforeseen means that leaders view their organizations as open systems and continually scan and monitor their internal and external environments for potential challenges and opportunities This means that individuals with the organization are required to keep track of trends and plans contingencies for all critical environments such as legislators competitors technology and customers Two different types of planned organizational change Firstorder incremental developmental change change that involves adjustments in systems processes or structures with the purpose of maintaining or developing the organization Transformational change is the most difficult type to manage Second order discontinuous transformational change change in which the organization moves to a radically different and sometimes unknown future state TARGETS OF CHANGEOrganizational change can be developmental transitional and transformational it can also be directed internally toward a wide variety of organizational components or targets Four targets of change organization its technology its tasks or work processes and or its people and culture CHANGING THE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREOrganizational Structure OS how an organizations work is designed and how departments divisions and the overall organization are designed Was part of GHOST It identifies all the reporting relationships as well as hierarchy The manner in which companies change organizational structure is important Three ways restructuring downsize or merging
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