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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

Chapter 8THE RATIONAL MODEL OF DECISION MAKING 1 Recognize the problem and the need for a decision 2 Identify the objective of the decision 3 Gather and evaluate data and diagnose the situation 4 List and evaluate alternative courses of action 5 Select the BEST course of action 6 Implement the decision 7 Gather feedback on the success of the decision 8 Follow up and revise the course of action if indicatedHERES THE QUESTION DO WE USE THIS MODELHow did you decide on your last car purchase How did you decide to come to RyersonHEURISTICSJUDGMENT SHORTCUTSAvailability Bias The tendency of people to base their judgments on information readily available to themAre there more words that begin with R or K than have R or K in the third positionGamblers fallacyRegression to the Mean The failure to recognize that performances tend towards the average rather than extremesYou praise someone for exceptional performance on
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