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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

Chapter 9 INDIVIDUAL SOURCES OF POWER AND THEIR EFFECTS 1 Coercive PowerDo it or elseThe person can make things difficult for people and you want to avoid getting him or her angry based on fear 2 Reward PowerDo it because there is something in it for youThe person is able to give special benefits or rewards to people and you find it advantageous to trade favours with him or her3 Legitimate PowerDo it because Im the bossThe person has the right considering his or her position and your job responsibilities to expect you to comply with legitimate requests4 Expert PowerDo it because you need my expertise on the matterThe person has the experience and knowledge to earn your respect and you defer to his or her judgment in some matters 5 Referent PowerDo it because you like or respect meYou like the person and enjoy doing things for him or her 6 Information PowerDo it because you want access to the information I haveThe person has data or knowledge that you need EMPOWERMENT GIVING POWER TO EMPLOYEES The freedom and the ability of employees to make decisions AND commitmentsAt Starbucks baristas can take action without managersAt TD Banknorth bank reps can approve interest rate change
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