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Chapter 7

MHR chapter 7

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Frank Miller

Chapter 6 HRM The strategic importance of recruitmentRecruitment is the process of finding and gathering people who possess the skills for a job the first step of recruitment is to identify the position we are recuritng for and recruitment is completed when resumes andor completed application forms are received from a large number of applicantsRecruiters are specialists in recruitment who is responsible for finding and attracting qualified applicants to the job position Recruiters are important in helping the company achieve its objectives as competition for employees that are needed for strategy implementation increases due to the growing increase in demand and a fixed amount of a small labor source Employer brandingThe purpose of employer branding is to attract people to apply to work at the organization and to earn the loyalty of its current employeesEmployer branding is the image or impression of an organization as an employer based on the perceived benefits of being employed by the organizationEmployer branding is the experience employees have when working for a company based on feelings emotions senses realities and benefits functional economic and psychological it is a promise made by the employer to employees and their perception of how well the promise is deliveredEmployer branding is important in the recruitment process as those who were not hired share their experience with others and depending on their experience it may attract or drive away people from the company List of experiences a job applicant goes through pg 144The first step in employer brandings is to determine who we are trying to appease where to find them and what they want from an employer the target audience includes anyone of the four generations the underemployed or the four employment equity groupsStep two is to develop the employee value proposition which are the specific reasons why the company is a unique place to work and a more attractive employer for the target audience compared to other organizationCompanies can use concrete facts programs policies survey results and information to convince others that they are the employer of choiceStep 3 is to communicate the brand by applying the value proposition into recruitment efforts the communication is to reinforce and remind current and potential employees of promises in the employee value proposition and of the organizations ability to deliever it through their managersWith an effective branding strategy people swarm the company for a job Successful brands results in job seekers saying I want to work here
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