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Chapter 4

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Frank Miller

MHR405Chapter 4 Motivation at Work MOTIVATION AND PERFORMANCE What is Motivation Motivationprocess of arousing and sustaining goaldirected behaviourAll about an individual moving an output from one state or place to another Job Satisfactionpleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from appraisal of ones job or job experiencesDoesnt imply any movement toward goals MotivationRequires a set of forces internal andor external that initiate workrelated behaviour and determine its form direction intensity and duration intrinsic motivationinternal forces o Persons internal drive to do something because of interest challenge or personal satisfactionExtrinsic motivationexternal forces o Motivation that comes from outside the person such as pay tangible rewards or a promotion Employee EngagementState of emotional and intellectual involvement that employees have in their organizationUsually a motivated employee is also engaged but not alwaysEx an employee may be totally engaged with larger mission and purpose of organization but might feel bored with their particular jobAlso a person might have a great internal drive to do well at the job and receive an external reward such as a bonus but might not be particularly engaged with org as a whole or its purpose What is the Relationship between Motivation and PerformancePositive relationship bw satisfied engaged workers and organizational performanceOnly 23 of Canadians consider themselves to be currently engaged at work as against 21 globallyCyberloafingemployees surfing the Internet when they should be workingWhile unmotivated or disengaged employees almost always perform more poorly than motivated ones poor performance isnt always due to poor motivation o bc ees must have clear and reasonable expectations right toolssupport and willingness and abilities to do the job
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