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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Notes

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Human Resources
MHR 505
Frank Miller

Chapter Fifteen Performance Management, Feedback, and Rewards To keep employees motivated and performing to their potential, supervisors need to know how to manage performance, give feedback, and reward effectively Measuring Performance Relative and Absolute Measurement Methods When approaching the challenge of measuring human performance, one has to decide whether to compare people to each other or to a common standard Relative Measurement Methods The most common type of relative judgment methods is called forced rankings used when measures are required to decide on how to distribute a limited salary on budget or bonuses Companies also use force rankings because they think it will help them screen out poor performers in a layoff situation Claim that forced ranking is the best way to identify high-potential employees who should be given training, promotion, and financial incentives It is a vital tool to identify the bottom performers who should be helped up or out Forced ranking is controversial because stereotypes about older workers might come into play Typically youll see forced ranking when upper management feel the need to get tough Absolute Measurement Methods Absolute methods compare all employees doing a certain job to a set of predetermined factors These factors fall into three categories: 1. Traits dependability, leadership or initiative; raters are often seen as unfair if they give low ratings because trait descriptions tend to be vague and full of assumptions www.notesolution.com
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