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Chapter 11 Negotiating and Bargaining Pages 333335 Learning Objective 7 Learning Objective7 Define negotiation bargaining distinguish between distributive and integrative bargaining and explaining the bargaining zone modelNegotiation and Bargaining y Some conflicts require negotiation between the parties y Negotiation also called bargaining is any interaction between 2 or more parties aimed at reaching an agreement based on both common and dividing interests rdy People can negotiate directly or by using a 3 party negotiator y Process of negotiation involves and open discussion of problem solutions and outcome is often an exchange in which both parties work toward a mutually beneficial solution y Negotiation is a joint process of finding a mutually acceptable solution to a complex conflict y Negotiating is needed when o 2 or more parties need to make a decision about interdependent goals and objectives and there is a conflict of interest between the parties such that what one party wants is not what the other wants o The parties are committed to peaceful means for resolving the dispute o There is no clear or established method or procedure for making the decision y There are 2 major negotiating approachesdistributive bargaining and integrative bargaining1 Distributive bargaining y DB is a winlose negotiating strategy such that one party gains at the expense of the other y Resources are limit
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