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Human Resources
MHR 505
Genevieve Farrell

Chapter 8 Creativity Pages 213222Learning Objectives1 Define creativity and describe the individual and organizational factors that can either foster or act as barriers to creativity at work Creativity the ability to discern new relationships examine subjects from new perspectives and to form new concepts from existing notionsy Can be a personality trait or an achievementIndividual and Organization Influences on Creativity at Work Cognitive Processes Personality Factors and Mental Blocks y Several indvl variables are related to creative problem soling y One group factors involves the cognitive processes that creative indvls tend to use divergent thinking indvls ability to generate several potential solutions to a problem y Associational activities and the use of imagery are associated with creativity y Unconscious process like drams are also essential cognitive processes related to creative thinking y Personality factors are elated to creativity as well such as intellectual and artistic values interests high energy need for achievement independence of judgement intuition selfconfidence and a creative selfimage y Tolerance of ambiguity intrinsic motivatio
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