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Human Resources
MHR 505
Genevieve Farrell

OBXtra 1 Stress and WellBeing at WorkWorkplace Stress y People experience anxiety fear and paranoia responses to the fear of SARS y Wplace stress is the 1 issue affecting the bottom line directly y Its costs annually 8 billion in Canada and 200 billion globally y Business leaders today recognize that they have moral and corporate obligations to address health issues in the wplace creating a healthy work environment is a true winwin approach for ERs and EEs y Learning more about stress will enable us to achieve greater worklife balance and optimize our contributions both to the org and in our personal lives What is StressStressstress response is the unconscious preparation to flight or flee that a person experiences when faced with any demandIt is any action or situation that upsets the bodys normal equilibriumA stressor or demand can be precipitated by a person or event that triggers a stress responseStress occurs when an event is perceived to challenge ones resources or capabilitiesExperience of stress is individual variable and cumulative o It is individual bc what stresses one person doesnt necessarily stress another person o The same stressful event may lead to distress and strain for one person and to excitement and healthy results for another o Stress is variable in that the more experience one has with a particular situation the less stressed one is o Stress can be cumulative prolonged periods of stress can produce overloading or decreased capacity to resist and tolerate future stress of any kindThe Consequences of StressStress can be good or badThe consequence of healthy normal stress is called eustress meaning euphoriastressHealthy amounts of eustress are desirable bc they improve performance by arousing a person to actionThe yerkeddodson law indicates stress can lead to improved performance up to an optimum pointIs it in the midrange of the curve that the greatest performance benefits from stress areachieved with performance declining beyond the midpoint bcof the increasing difficulty of the task to be performedConsequences of stress can view distress or strain from a psychological physical and behavioural perspective
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