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Genevieve Farrell

OBXtra 2 Emotional IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence EI is our ability to recognize and understand the impact that our emotions have on ourselves and on our relationships with othersThe Role of Emotions in the Workplace y EI is a form of social interactionthat involves the ability to monitor ones own and others feelings and emotions and to use this info to guide ones thinking and actions y EI has to do with knowing when and how to express emotions and understanding how to control them y It has to do with our ability to deal with social and political environments understand these environments and grasp how best to deal with social situations in them y EI is also referred to as emotional quotient or EQ enables us to grasp the needs and wants of others and respond accordingly y We all bring emotions into the wplace and we express these emotions in the wplace y But it is how we manage these emotions to work effectively with others that makes the difference as to where our responses are appropriate or notEmotional Intelligence and Emotion Regulation Skills Salovey and Mayers original fourpart model of EI includesSelfAwareness y Selfawareness refers to our ability to accurately perceive our emotions and to recognize a feeling as it happens y It is the ability to selfmonitor that is important to understanding ourselves and gaining valuable insights into our emotions y This means keeping on top of how you tend to respond emotionally to specific situations and ppl SelfManagement and Emotion Regulation y S
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