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Human Resources
MHR 505
Genevieve Farrell

OBXtra 3 Behaviour ModificationReinforcement Strategies y Behaviour modification has been used successfully in organizations to shape behaviour also considered to be a theory of motivation or learning which is defined as any change in bhvr that is acquired through experience y Research found that it had significant and positive influence on task performance in both manufacturing and service organizations y Incentivebased reinforcement improved performance more than routine pay social recognition or performance feedback y All reinforcement strategies rely on the use of positive and negative consequences following a specific bhvr that either reinforce or punish that bhvr o Positive consequences are those the person finds attractive or pleasurable o Negative consequences are those the person find unattractive or aversivey Thorndikes law of effect states that behaviours followed by positive consequences are more likely to recur and bhvrs followed by negative consequences are less likely to recur y 4 bhvr modification strategies are used to influence or shape bhvr1 Positive Reinforcement y Positive reinforcement is an attempt to increase or maintain the frequency of a desirable bhvr by following it with positive consequences y Example of PRawards given to students for work recognition letters to workers y PR can take form of money feedback and social recognition y PR is often used to modify undesirable bhvr in child
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