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Human Resources
MHR 505
Genevieve Farrell

OBXtra 4 SelfDirected Work Teams SDWTsWhat are SDWTs y SDWTs aka selfmanaged work teams or autonomous work groups are a unique kind of permanent team defined as a group of interdependent indvls that can self regulate on relatively whole tasks y SDWTs are commonly used in North America bc of increase competitiveness in companies like GM ProctorGamble and FedEx y Members of SDWTs have autonomy to carry out tasks and make decisions that were once reserved for managers y These decision include work scheduling job assignments and staffingDo SDWTs Work y Selfmanaged teams positively affected productivity and attitudes towards selfmgt y The implementation of teams does not guarantee improved performancey A study examined the benefits of QCs quality circles and SDWTs o Firms that used QCs had higher levels of productivity than firms with no teams o Firms with only SDWTs and those with SDWTs and QCs benefited from increased productivity a reduced mgt hierarchy and reduced EE turnover o Firms continue to improve upon the initial benefits of reduced EE turnover and a flatter hierarchyo Firms with both or either teams structures we found to have less industrial
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