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Chapter 1

Human Resources Management Chapter 1

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Human Resources
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MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

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Chapter 1 THE STRATEGIC ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT -human resources management (HRM): the management of people in organizations to drive successful }Œ2L]Ìš]}Lo‰Œ}ŒKL L Z]ÀKLš}šZ}Œ2L]Ìš]}L[ZZšŒš2] 2}oZ -hr professionals are responsible for attracting, retaining and engaging a diverse workplace and KL2]L2šZÁ}Œl}Œ šZšŒ]ÀZ}Œ2L]Ìš]}Lo‰Œ}ŒKL L Z]ÀZšZ}Œ2L]Ìš]}L[Z strategic goals -HRM involves: formulating and implementing HRM systems -Human capišo9šZlL}Áo27µ š]}L7šŒ]L]L27Zl]ooZ7LƉŒš]Z}L}Œ2L]Ìš]}L[ZÁ}Œl}Œ HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES -2 categories: operational (administrative) and strategic -operational responsibilities -HR professionals hire and maintain employees and then manage employee separations -human capital life cycle: 1) selection and assimilation into the organization 2) development of capabilities while working in the organization 3) transition out of the organization -HR professionals provide services such as analyzing jobs, planning future workforce requirements, selecting employees, orienting and training employees, managing compensation and reward plans, and communicating with employees -responsibilities include ensuring fair treatment, appraising performance, ensuring employee health and safety, managing labour relations and relationships with unions, handling complaints and grievances and ensuring compliance with legislation -outsourcing: the practice of contracting with outside vendors to handle specified functions on a permanent basis -Strategic responsibilities -HR is focused on ensuring that the organization is staffed with the most effective human capital to achieve its strategic goals -ZšŒš2Ç9šZ }K‰LÇ[Z‰oL}ŒZ}Áit will balance its internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a competitive advantage -role in formulating strategy Æ environmental scanning: identifying and analyzing external opportunities and threats šZšKÇ Œµ ]oš}šZ}Œ2L]Ìš]}L[ZZµ ZZ -can also add value by supplying info on the internal strengths and weaknesses -role in executing strategyÆ HR makes the biggest strategic contribution -may involve differentiating the organization from its competitors through customer service -HR professionals and line managers play a pivotal role in lowering labour costs -intense global competition & the need for more responsiveness to environmental changes put a premium on employee engagement (the emotional and intellectual involvement of employees in their work -Measuring the value of HR: Metrics -metrics: statistics used to measure activities and results www.notesolution.com -measures need to reflect the quality of people and effectiveness of HRM initiatives; provide info about productivity, product or service quality, sales, market share, and profits -oL Z }Œ Œ9KZµŒKLšZÇZšKšZššŒLZošL}Œ2L]Ìš]}L[ZZšŒš2Ç]Lš} comprehensive set of performance ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCES ON HRM EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCES -Economic conditions -affect supply and demand; healthy economyÆ hires more workers -‰Œ}µ š]À]šÇ9šZŒš]}}L}Œ2L]Ìš]}L[Z}µš‰µšZ~2=Zš}]šZ]L‰µšZ~‰}‰o7 ‰]šo7LŒ2Ç7 and materials) -productivity improvement is essential for long-term success -primary sector: agriculture, fishing and trapping, forestry, and mining -secondary sector: manufacturing and construction -tertiary or service sector: public administration, personal and business services, finance, trade, public utilities, and transportation/communications -workforce issues -increasing workforce diversityÆ demographics + sexual orientation -women, aboriginals, disabilities, generational differences
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