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Chapter 9

Human Resources Management Chapter 9

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

Chapter 9 notes CAREER PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT -career planning and development: the deliberate process through which a person becomes aware of personal career-related attributes and the lifelong series of activities that contribute to his or her career fulfillment -maintaining employees and reducing turnover -career: a series of work-related positions, paid or unpaid, that help a person grow in job skills, success, and fulfillment -career development: the lifelong series of activities that contribute to ‰ŒZ}L[Z ŒŒÆ‰o}Œš]}L7 establishment, success, and fulfillment -career planning: the deliberate process through which someone becomes aware of personal skills, interests, knowledge, motivations, and other characteristics; acquires information about opportunities and choices; identifies career-related goals ; and established action plans to attain specific goals ROLES IN CAREER DEVELOPMENT -individual must accept responsibility for his o her own career -networking is the foundation of active career management and is essential for accessing people -manager acts as a coach -employer contributes to determining job satisfaction FACTORS THAT AFFECT CAREER CHOICES -identify career stages - ŒŒ Ç o9šZZš2ZšZŒ}µ2ZÁZ] Z‰ŒZ}L[Z ŒŒÀ}oÀZ 1) Growth stage: the period from birth to around age 14 during which the person develops a self-concept by identifying with and interacting with other people, such as family, friends and teachers 2) Exploration stage: the period from around age 15-24 during which a person seriously explores various occupational alternatives, attempting to match these alternatives with his or her interests and abilities 3) Establishment stage: the period roughly from age 24-ðð7šZš]ZšZZŒš}K}Zš‰}‰o[Z work lives 4) Maintenance stage: the period from about age 45-65 during which the person secures his or her place in the world on work 5) decline stage: the period during which many people are faced with the prospect of having to accept reduced levels of power and responsibility -identifying occupational orientation -occupational orientation: the theory, developed by John Holland, that are the six basic personal orientations that determine the sorts of careers to which people are drawn 1) Realistic orientationÆ physical activities requiring skill, strength, and coordination (farming) 2) investigative orientationÆ cognitive activities (thinking, organizing, and understanding) (ex. Biologists, chemists) www.notesolution.com 3) social orientationÆ interpersonal (clinical psychologists, social work) 4) conventional orientationÆ structured, rule regulated activities (accountants, bankers) 5) Enterprising orientation Æ verbal activities aimed at influencing others (managers, lawyers) 6) artistic orientation Æ self-expression, artistic creation, expression of emotions, and individualistic activities (artists, advertising executives) -identifying skills and aptitudes -based on education and experience -general aptitude test battery (GATB) -identify a career anchor -career anchor: a concern or value that you will not give up if a choice has to be made 1) technical/functional 2) managerial competence 3) creativity 4) autonomy and independence 5) security 6) service/dedication 7) pure challenge 8) lifestyle RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE ORGANIZATION -provide realistic job previews -avoid reality shock -provide challenging initial jobs -be demanding -provide periodic developmental job rotation -provide career-oriented performance appraisals -provide career-planning workshops: a planned
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