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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Career development

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Margaret Yap

Chapter 9 – Career Development Career development: lifelong series of activities (workshops etc.) Career planning: deliberate process through which one becomes aware of personal skills, interests, knowledge, etc. Roles in Career Development Individual is responsible for their own career. Use 4 skills: o Self motivation o Independent learning o Effect time and money management o Self-promotion Managers and employers play a role in individual’s career development too Factors that affect career choices Identify career stage: o Growth stage: birth to 14. Develops self-concept by identifying with and interacting with people o Exploration stage: approximately 15-24. Explores various occupational alternatives. By end of period appropriate choice is made, and person tries entry-level job o Establishment stage: approximately 24-44. Suitable occupation is found, earns permanent place in chosen field o Maintenance stage: approximately 45-65. Secures his/her place in the world of work o Decline stage: retirement. Nowadays, work much longer and embark new careers after ‘retirement’ Identifying occupational orientation o Refer to textbook: page 243 Identify skills and aptitudes: o For career planning purposes, aptitudes are usually measured with a test battery, such as general aptitude test battery (GATB). Measures various aptitudes, including intelligence and mathematical ability Identify a career anchor: o Concern/value that you will not give up if choice has to be made o Refer to types in textbook: page 245 Responsibilities of the organization: Provide realistic job previews Avoid reality shock Providing challenging initial jobs Be demanding: ‘Pygmalion effect’ – the more supervisor expects and the more confident and supportive he/she is, the better new employees will perform Provide periodic developmental job rotation www.notesolution.com Provide career-oriented performance appraisals Provide career planning workshops o Include self assessment, environmental assessment, goal setting and action planning Provide opportunities for mento
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