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Chapter 1

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chap 1 I. Challenges facing Canadian Organizations 1. Economic challenges  Surviving a recessionary cycle - layoffs, wage concessions, and workforce morale issues, etc…  Global trade challenge - jobs & prosperity depend on international trade  Challenge of productivity improvement - Canada faces gap with US in productivity levels - Innovation is a major challenge - Outsourcing is a popular strategy but has some implications, ie., reduced employee morale caused by job security; outplacement, etc.. 2. Technological Challenges  Computerization - process and provide large amount of data to managers in short time - flexible work (telecommuting…) - helps share information & knowledge  Automation - Speed, better customer service, higher quality, flexibility in oerations - use robots for hazardous or boring jobs 3. Demographic Challenges  Increasing number of women in workforce => employment equity, childcare, work-family balance, etc…  Shift toward knowledge workers => decrease in employment rate of unskilled jobs  Educational attainment of workers => need ppl with high level of education; however, half of Canadian population is not in high level of literacy  More part-time, contract, and contigent workers => pay equity & loyalty problems  Employment of older workers => scramble for jobs due to the fear of post-retirement poverty. 4. Cultural Challenges  Work-related attitudes - Need more leisure time, longer vacation - generational considerations - greater demand for ethical conduct of business  Ethnic diversity - Cultural mosaic => diversity in workforce  Attitudes towards the government - Reduced faith in government II. Ojectives of HRM  Organizational Objectives - help organizations to identify the right quality, type, and number of employees.  Societal Objectives - societal priorities that HR targets while setting its own objectives & strategies  Employee Objectives - goals to assist employees to achieve personal goals that enhance their contribution to the org. III. Strategic HRM  DEF: Integrating HRM strategies and systems to achieve overall mission of the firm while meeting the needs of employees and other stakeholders.  6 steps: o E
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