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Chapter 8-10

MHR 523 Chapter 8-10: MHR523 Lecture 6 - Danielle Lamb

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Danielle Lamb

MHR523 Lecture 6 Chapter 8 10 Orientation and Training Performance Management Orientation vs. Training Orientation: long term socialization process between employee and employer in which employee and employer expectations and obligations are considered o Employee orientation (onboarding): a procedure for providing new employees with basic background information about the firm and the job Training: shortterm efforts to impart information and instructions related to the job Help employee gain the required skillsknowledge to perform the job at adequate levels Purpose of Orientation Part of ongoing socialization process o Speed up the socialization process and result in new employee achieving full productivity as quickly as possible Improve performance by providing necessary information about company rules and practices Helps clarify organizations expectations reduces first day jitters and reality shock o Reality shock (cognitive dissonance): state that results from the discrepancy between what the new employee expected from his or her new job and the realities of it Foundation for ongoing performance management Help manage the learning curve improved productivity Improved retention levels and reduce recruitment costs Leads to reduced turnover, increased morale, fewer instances of corrective discipline, and fewer employee grievance Organizational Socialization Socialization: the ongoing process of instilling in all employees the prevailing attitudes, standards, values, and patterns of behaviours that are expected by the organization o People learn the norms and roles that are necessary to function in a group or organization Anticipatory Encounter Role Socialization Management o Recall: Hazing in the workplace Content of Orientation Programs Internal publications (handbooks, newsletters, company history) Facility tour and staff introductions Jobrelated documents and explanation of duties, responsibilities Expected training to be received Performance appraisal criteria Special Orientation Situations Diverse workforce o Challenge of orienting new employees from different backgrounds o Values of the organization may be new to the new employees if these values were not part of past experience Mergers and acquisitions o Employees of a newly merged company need to receive information about the details of the merger as part of the information on company history o New company culture will evolve in the merged organization and everyone will experience a resocialization process Union versus nonunion employees
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