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Chapter 15

MHR 523 Chapter 15: MHR523 Lecture 11 - Danielle Lamb

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Danielle Lamb

MHR523 Week 13 Lecture 11 Chapter 15: Managing Employee Separations Practice Questions From our labour relations lecture last week: (most difficult chapter, lots of technical information): o 1. Define the following terms: A. Union (page 375) B. Collective Bargaining Agreement (page 375) C. Bargaining Unit (page 375) o 2. When a union is certified, can members of the bargaining unit negotiate individual employment contracts? Why or why not? No, when a union is certified, members of the bargaining unit (group of employees represented by the union) collective bargaining agreement is the contract with the employee under the union. Unable to negotiate individual contracts because they have the collective agreement with the union EmployeeEmployer Relationship Employment contract o Formal agreement between employer and employee o Employee cannot be prematurely dismissed without just cause if a term is specified Implied contract o Indefinite period of time, may be terminated by either party with reasonable notice o More common Turnover Turnover: the termination of an individuals employment with the organization o Can be permanent or temporary and can result from action taken by either employee or employer Reasons for turnover can be classified into two subgroups: o Voluntary turnover: employeeinitiated termination of employment e.g. quits, retirements or resignations o Involuntary turnover: employerinitiated termination of employment e.g. dismissal or layoff Impact of Turnover on the Organization Time, money, and resources invested in recruiting, training, and maintaining employees is lose when employees exit a firm Employee exits disrupt the organizations ability to produce and maintain the right quantity and quality of talent and derail the organizations focus on larger strategic issues
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