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Chapter 12

MHR 523 Chapter 12 Test Bank

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Human Resources
MHR 523
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c12Student 1 According to the 2006 census overof Canadians were born outside the country A 32 percentB 18 percentC 5 percentD 20 percentE 50 percent 2 According to the 2001 census of all couples in the country approximatelyof these are samesex commonlaw relationships A 10 percentB 59 percentC 005 percentD 06 percentE 22 percent 3 In the near future nearlyof Canadian women will be in the labour force A 80 percentB 25 percentC 60 percentD 10 percentE 35 percent 4 The combination of factors that has changed the way Canadian organizations work and whom they employ includes all the following except A major changes in social valuesB government policiesC demographic changesD changes in technologyE decreasing global operations 5 The traditional set of informal relationships among male managers that provides better career opportunities for men and reinforces a male culture is known as A the old boys networkB the executive brotherhoodC the fraternity of menD the glass floorE the closeddoor phenomenon 6 One reason that women have difficulties in moving up through the managerial levels of many companies is due to A their inability to make decisions under pressureB the existence of an old boys networkC their desire not to want such jobsD their progress is being hindered by employment equity regulationsE the fact that many companies do not have managerial levels 7 The concept of the glass ceiling is meant to indicate the invisible but real barriers that can preventfrom advancing within an organization A men under 20 years of ageB visible minoritiesC men over 50 years oldD union membersE upper management 8 Canadas cultural diversity is known as an A melting potB assimilation attemptC mosaicD immigration acceptanceE bicultural assimilation technique st9 Canadian multiculturalism is not just a new phenomenon at the start of the 21 century and indeed Canada could have been considered to be a racial and ethnically diverse country as early as A 1600B Confederation in 1867C 1920D 1945E 1985 10 In a broad sense the important human characteristics that are influenced by workplace diversity include all of the following except A valuesB perceptions of self and othersC interpretation of events around him or herD behavioursE anxiety 11 At a minimum diversity is seen to include seven areas such as age gender race etc and these areas are often referred to as the A core characteristics of diversityB core dimensions of diversityC core diversity traitsD core ethnic differencesE traits of oneness 12 The core dimensions of diversity include all the following except A genderB raceC mental and physical capabilitiesD management statusE age 13 Diversity at a minimum is considered to includecore areas of differences such as race age religion A fiveB sixC sevenD eightE nine 14 It is considered that there are also some secondary factors that have an impact on human diversity and these could include all the below except A where one livesB educationC family statusD sexual orientationE income
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