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Chapter 14

MHR 523 Chapter 14 Test Bank

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Human Resources
MHR 523
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c14Student 1 Sometimes workers get together and form a union an organization that does all the following except A has the legal authority to represent workersB can negotiate the terms and conditions of employmentC administers the collective agreementD manages the companys employee benefit plans on behalf of the workersE collects dues from members 2 Unions are organizations that A have the legal authority to represent workersB do not directly negotiate the terms and conditions of employmentC are not directly involved in administering the collective agreementD have only informal authority to represent workersE are usually formed by the employer 3 In the human resources perspective conflict stems from A an employeremployee power inbalanceB continuing pressures from unionsC poor managementD overly demanding employeesE overly demanding unions 4 In the industrial relations perspective institutional intervention can be used to A correct the power imbalance between labour and managementB eliminate conflict all togetherC determine legally binding rules that apply to each specific workplaceD introduce technological changes to the workplaceE manage public perception 5 A collective agreement is all of the following except A a contract negotiated between a union and the employerB outlines the terms and conditions of employment for union membersC legally bindingD sometimes called the rule book by some managers and union officialsE open for negotiation at any time 6 Employees often join unions for a variety of reasons including A the desire to replace collective power with individual powerB formalized job satisfactionC perceived union instrumentalityD required by a open shop employerE good management tactics 7 A collective agreement is usually negotiated between A a local unions bargaining committee and the Human Resources or Industrial Relations departmentB Canadian bargaining unit and the Employee Relations departmentC management grievance committee and the local unions bargaining unitD the mediation board committee and the Human Resources or Industrial Relations departmentE a local unions bargaining committee and the management bargaining committee 8 All the following can be reasons that workers join unions except A higher compensation packagesB peer pressureC favourable management practicesD employed by a union shop companyE increased job security 9 One factor that appears to be important in the decision of individuals to join a union is A job descriptionsB an unfavourable opinion of unionsC perceptions of union instrumentalityD good managementE a desire to pay union dues 10 According to a recent survey of 1000 adult Canadiansof respondents do not want to be unionized A 27 percentB 54 percentC 19 percentD 35 percentE 77 percent 11 According to a recent survey of 1000 adult Canadiansof respondents perceived that having a union positively impacted job security A 82 per centB 95 percentC 67 percentD 71 percentE 59 percent 12 Unions usually have the most direct impact on A the marketing departmentB the accounting departmentC the organization of senior managementD the human resource departmentE the engineering department 13 Unions have a major effect on the work environment and do all of the following except A provide input on company benefit plan designsB get involved in employee discipline concernsC impact the relationships between employees and the organizationD reduce the need for effective HR policies and proceduresE influence working conditions in the organization 14 Business unionism describes the philosophy of unions who see that their mission is to do all the below except A protect the workersB increase their payC improve working conditionsD help workers in generalE influence economic and social policies at all levels of government 15 The approach to union activities that says that the labour movement has a mission to protect workers increase pay improve working conditions and generally help workers is called A commercial unionismB business unionismC industrial unionismD professional unionismE soviet unionism
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