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Chapter 15

MHR 523 Chapter 15 Test Bank

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Ted Mock

c15Student 1 An examination of the human resource policies practices and systems of a firm in order to improve ways to achieve goals is called a A financial auditB management auditC human resource auditD safety auditE job analysis and evaluation except2 Benefits of a human resource audit can include all the followingA helping align the goals of the human resource department with the goals with the goals of the companyB providing specific verifiable data on the HR departments contributionsC helping locate human resource problemsD encouraging greater professionalism among members of the human resource departmentE increased human resource costs due to more efficient procedures 3 Human resource research is increasingly important for all of the following reasons except A there are many legal implications with the workB operating expenses are more significant than people costsC the activities of the Human Resources department shape an employees quality of work lifeD knowledge expertise and information are more critical resources than capitalE executives expect strategic contributions from their Human Resources department 4 All human resource audits involve a number of steps including all the below except A choosing a research approachB defining the scope of the auditC data analysis evaluation and report preparationD selecting research design and data collection methodsE always using outside consultants 5 The first step in conducting a human resource audit is A choosing the research approachB defining the scope of the auditC selecting research design and collection methodD data analysis and evaluationE final report preparation 6 Designing the scope of a human resource audit can involve audits of all the following except A corporate strategyB the human resource systemC managerial and supervisory complianceD employee satisfactionE human resource practices of suppliers 7 Step 1 defining the scope of a human resource audit could include all the following activities except A an audit of corporate strategyB choosing the research approachC an audit of the human resource systemD an audit of managerial complianceE an assessment of employee satisfaction 8 In auditing the human resource management information system itself the major areas that should be covered includes all the following except A human resource plansB human rights legislationC job analysis informationD recruiting and selectionE compensation administration 9 When a human resource department does an audit on its own staffing and development systems it would look at all the following except A recruitingB selectionC training and orientationD career developmentE no exceptions all given choices would be part of that audit 10 When a human resource department does an audit on its own staffing and development systems it would look at all the following except A recruitingB performance appraisalC selectionD training and orientationE career development 11 An audit to determine how well managers and supervisors follow the organizations human resource policies and procedures as well as labour laws is called an A audit of managerial complianceB audit of managerial behaviourC audit of managerial authorityD audit of managerial evaluationE audit of managerial effectiveness 12 When a human resource department does an audit of employee satisfaction they would be interested in getting information on the following matters except A wages and benefitsB supervisory practicesC career planning assistanceD managerial complianceE performance feedback 13 Research approaches to human resource audits can include the A comparative approachB nonstatistical approachC noncompliance approachD managementby subjectivism approachE Markov analysis approach 14 Three most popular research approaches used in the human resource audits are A compliance management by objectives and random selectionB management by objectives comparative and rankingC compliance management by objectives and rankingD supervisory review random sampling and bench markingE systems review compliance management by objectives
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