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Human Resources
MHR 523
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c1Student 1 The people in organizations are considered human resources who A create objectives and accomplishmentsB are inanimate resourcesC are quantified on the balance sheetD have limited value to a companyE are considered by all organizations as their most important assets 2 Increasingly top managers are recognizing that longterm organizational success depends upon an organizations A infrastructureB human resourcesC investment strategyD environmentE rules and policies 3 Some of the most successful Canadian organizations are those that motivate their employees by A paying above averages wagesB allowing them to use the executive washroomC encouraging them to meet organizational challenges creativelyD having an firstname policy only at all levelsE providing flexible working hours 4 Among the major challenges facing Canadian business today are all the following except A economic challengesB demographic challengesC cultural challengesD legal challengesE transportation challenges 5 A company that shows concern for the environment is responding to which type or organizational challenge A technologicalB physical infrastructureC demographicD culturalE social 6 Canadian businesses currently face three critical economic challenges A global trade productivity improvement and computerizationB productivity improvement transportation issues and demographic changesC government legislation global trade and survival during a recessionary cycleD gross profit margins inventory control and minimum wage requirementsE survival during a recessionary cycle productivity improvements and global trade 7 During a recessionary period the following challenges face HR managers except A planning and implementing of employee layoffsB seeking wage concessionsC facilitating employee counselingD formulating crisis management policiesE increase compensation packages 8 International trade has always been critical to Canadas prosperity and in fact Canada exports on a per capita basis A a great deal though less than the United StatesB more than the United States but less than JapanC more than both Japan and the United StatesD a great deal though less than JapanE more than the United States and Japan combined 9 In 2005 a global competitive ranking placed Canada as the 5th most competitive nation in the world however today we are rankedA firstB thirdC eighthD tenthE twentieth 10 In order to capture the growing market opportunities abroad Canadian firms must A continuously increase wages at homeB increase the costs of productionC lobby government to remove minimum wage and social security benefitsD expand plants into countries closer to customersE export all manufacturing overseas 11 One of the great competitive advantages of the worlds lowcost trading nations is A plentiful natural resourcesB liberal democratic governmentsC a vast amount of highly skilled andor cheap labourD nonunionized infrastructuresE managementfriendly unions 12 Productivity refers to A ratio of an organizations inputs to its outputsB ratio of an organizations outputs to its inputsC ratio of an organizations labour costs to its outputsD ratio of an organizations labour costs to its revenueE ratio of an organizations outputs to its labour costs 13 One major challenge facing Canadian managers is A keeping wages down to developing world standardsB decreasing quality to save money without losing salesC increasing advertising costsD decreasing focus on employment legislationE improving productivity while maintaining a high quality of work life 14 Productivity improvements egthe use of technology and computerization has over the last two decades cost aboutmanufacturing jobs in Canada A 150 000B 250 000C 350 000D 450 000E 550 000
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