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Human Resources
MHR 523
Rasha Nasra

MHR523 RASHA NASRA CHAPTER 4 MEETING LEGAL REQUIREMENTS 1 Outline an employment equity program To eliminate past discrimination and ensure future compliance many organizations have developed employment equity programs The programs identify areas of past and present discrimination develop affirmative goals and design remedial active and preventive programsHR Legal RequirementsCanadian Charter of Rights and FreedomsConstitution Act 1982Freedom of Religion thought belief press peaceful assembly associationProtected AreasFundamental freedomsDemocratic RightsIe voting and running for officeAboriginals has lots if exemptions taxes education hunting fishing self governing Livework anywhere in CanadaEquality of individualsOfficial languagesMinority language education rightsAboriginal peoples rightsMulticultural heritageSome terminologyDiscriminationBona fide occupational requirements BFOQDepending on the profession intentional direct discrimination is acceptableJob requirements Surgeon with Parkinsons Indirect discriminationSystemic discrimination without intentionbecause of extant conditionsie Place being not wheelchair accessible Process If discriminated Human Rights ActCommissionTribunal Canadian Human Rights ActCommissionTribunalCases can be appealed in courtFederal vs ProvincialThe Principle of Natural JusticeFair hearing legal representation etcExampleHealthcare workersHealthcare workers negotiating salary increases Union asked for 215 increase over 2 years the raises offered 816Workers decided to walkout in a show of protestAlberta HealthcareGovernment deemed that of the 10000 members of the union only 1200 were not essential
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