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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Rasha Nasra

MHR523 RASHA NASRA CHAPTER 1: Why study HRM?  There are no organizations without people  Human resources (employees) are the most critical resource an organization has  Create, innovate, make decisions  Success = careful attention to HR  Strategic HRM Definition: “Integrating HRM strategies and systems to achieve overall mission, strategies, and success of the firm while meeting needs of employees and other stakeholders” (p. 22)  Systematically linked to the strategic needs of an organization and reflects the organizational mission and strategy  Human resource strategies and tactics must be mutually consistent Steps in Strategic HRM EnvironmentalAnalysis OrganizationalMission& GoalsAnalysis Analysisof OrganizationStrengths,Cultureand Characters Analysisof OrganizationalStrategies Choice& Implementationof HR Strategies Review& Evaluationof HR Strategies HR Function & the Organization Character  Technology Routine versus nonroutine  Managerial philosophy Influences organizational structure and HR department’s role Organizational culture  Organization’s strategic posturing Defender versus prospector Organizational Strategy Choices  Cost Leadership Strategy  Differentiation Strategy  Focus Strategy Cost or Differentiation MHR523 RASHA NASRA CHAPTER 1: Groups of HRM Activities PHumanng Resources Maintaining Attracting High Human Performance Resources Motivating Placing, Employees Developing& Evaluating The HR Function (Department): HRM in Medium-Large Orgs  HR reports to CEO  Specialized sub-departments that correspond with the major activities: Employment Compensatio
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