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MHR 523
Rasha Nasra

Chapter 8: Training and Development 1. Explain the benefits of training and development for the organization and its employees 2. Explain the process of Needs Analysis and its stages 3. Define off-the-job training and describe its most commonly used methods 4. Define on-the-job training and describe its most commonly used methods 5. Describe technology-based training methods and explain their benefits 6. Describe the different types of training programs available in organizations Introduction  Performance management –process of setting performance goals and designing interventions (ie. training programs) o Ensure employees have required skills, knowledge and attitudes to reach goals and improve their performance o Continuous o Improve performance = maintain competitive advantage  Main method firms use improve performance  Training –formal and planned efforts legislated by firm to help employees acquire KAS required to improve their performance o Short term focus  Development –organization’s efforts to help employees gain SKAs required to perform future job responsibilities o Long term focus Benefits:  Organizational benefits: o Investing in improving and sustaining competitive advantage o Increases organizational effectiveness and performance o Facilitates achievement of organizational strategy o Improves employee recruitment and retention o Strategy:  Linking training and development strategy w/ goals and missions  Allows organization to achieve goals and objectives o Effectiveness and performance:  Trained employees = more productive (fewer errors, less supervision)  Produce higher quality g/s  More innovative and work together in teams o Recruitment and Retention:  Attracts employees (value career growth and development_  Ie. Younger workers looking for extension of learning and education  Retain employees (ensuring skills are up to date/retraining them)  Maintain high levels of productivity  Lower employee turnover -> increased level of commitment  Benefits to employees: o Intrinsic:  Perform job better  Positive effect on self-confidence and motivation  Feel more useful  Seek more opportunities within o Extrinsic:  Achieve career advancement  Higher paying positions and security  More marketability  Benefits to society: o Create more skilled and educated population o Ie. Educational o/p for employees who didn’t have access to resources o Ie. Help get university degrees, graduate, language, technical certification o Ie. Canada gains competency in both official languages o Strong Canadian economy o Ie. Overall standard of living, incomes and prosperity Is training an investment or an expense?  Takes years to see concrete benefits  Difficult economic times = spending and resources scarce Instructional systems design model of training and development  Systematic process  Takes into consideration: o Organization needs o Characteristics of workforce o Environment  One approach to designing and implementing training interventions: Instructional Systems Design (ISD) o Scientific process of 3 major steps: 1) Needs analysis 2) Design and delivery 3) Evaluation o Streamlined version of earlier design: ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) Needs Analysis: o Systematic process of analyzing gaps/deficiencies in performance o Gap b/w actual and expected performance exists when organizations fail to produce expected results o Essential to uncover suboptimal organizational performance o Produces critical information used to guide management to best course of action o Reveal
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