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Chapter 1

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

MHR523 – Chapter 1 The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management Human Resources Management (HRM)  Managing people in organizations to drive successful organizational performance and achievement of organization’s strategic goals  Managing human capital: knowledge, education, training, skills, expertise HRM Responsibilities: Operational These services include:  Analyzing jobs  Planning future workforce requirements  Selecting employees  Orienting and training employees  Managing compensation and reward plans  Communicating with employees (including counseling and disciplining) HRM Responsibilities: Strategic Strategy – the company’s plan for how it will balance its internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a competitive advantage External Environmental Influences  Economic conditions (employment levels, productivity levels, growth of service sector)  Labour market issues o Demographic issues, education o Non standard/contingent workers – workers who do not have regular full time employment status  Government o Ensure policies and practices comply with new and changing laws covering: human rights, employment standards, labour relations, occupational health and sa
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