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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Rasha Nasra

What is HRM? • Leadership and management of people within an organization using systems, methods, procedures, and process that enables employee to optimize their contribution to goals. • Supports and enables organization to meet its long and short term goals. • Its employee satisfaction, productivity and selection Do all companies have HR department? • No not all companies have HR department, mostly medium-large organization have it. • Organizations that specialize in to sub-department with major activities such as: training and development has it. • Head of HR department is usually a vice president director. The role of the HR department: 1) Staff authority: - HR is a service department - Authority to advice not to direct 2) Line authority - Possessed by managers of operating department - Authority of make decision about production, performance, and people. 3) Functional authority - Authority that allows staff experts to make decision and take actions normally reserved for line or top managers. Why study HRM? • People (HR) are common element in all social organizations. • They create the objective, innovation and accomplishment • Organizational success is depend on careful attention to HR Human resources management process Step 1: Environmental scan • Continuous monitoring the business environment for economic, technological, demographic, legal and cultural forces.  Economic force: Economic cycle o Canadian economy goes through boom and bust cycle. During the boom cycle, HR must consider how to convert and develop talent. o During recessionary period, HR faces special challenges. They have to carry out the task of layoffs, wage allowance.  Economic forces: Globalization o Trade agreements  Economic forces: productivity improvement o Productivity improvement is essential for long-term success
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