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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Rasha Nasra

nd 2 Case Study: Morragh Mine Name: Thajeerthan Ganesalingam Student Number: Professor: Rasha Nasra 1. Identify factors that contributed both directly and indirectly to the mine disaster. Many factors were contributed to the mine disaster, directly and indirectly. One indirect factor that contributed to the mine disaster was the contract between both Morragh Mine and Northern Hydro. This was a indirect mine disaster because Morragh Mine wasn’t able to carry on the contract of supplying 600,000 tons of coal annually to Northern Hydro.Also, due the financial troubles, Morragh Mine felt the pressure forced on to them (Morragh Mine, 2014). Another factor is that the fact that Morragh Mine couldn’t improve their production rate because employee were already working 24hour/7 days and don’t have time for maintenance and servicing activities. While other mining company only force 5 days of mining and spend the other 2 days on maintenance and servicing activities (Morragh Mine, 2014). Finally, many of the employed workers at the Morragh mine were previous hard-rock workers and didn’t have coal- mining experience. These employees felt very uncomfortable with coal-mining and this increased the danger level (Morragh Mine, 2014). With these indirect mine disaster in mind, it lead to the direct mine disaster. Many employees that work under Morragh Mine felt very uncomfortable and unsafe about what they were doing. With this in mind they didn’t express their feeling or speak out to the supervisors and inspectors about their safety concern. They only reason why many employee didn’t speak up, was because they were scared of losing their jobs after being guaranteed fifteen years of work and a very good wage (Morragh Mine ,2014). Another direct factor contributed to the mine disaster was that coal dusts were not being cleaned. After being warned by the inspector to clean up the coal dust, action weren’t taken afterwards. There were coal dust on equipment, which were very dangerous, knowing that dry coal dust can be ignited with little spark(Morragh Mine, 2014). 2. How does the case illustrate the statement "Poor occupational health and safety is
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