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Chapter 4

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter 4 Organizing work for strategic successOrganizations are composed of one or more employes who perform a variety of duties Organizational structures refer to the formal relationship among jobs in an organizationOrganizational chart is similar to the balance sheet where it shows the current structure of the organization at a specified moment in time the chart discloses the title of the managers role and the type of departments established The lines that connect to each other disclose who is accountable to who and shows the chain of command in the organization The cons of the organizational chart is that it does not disclose information regarding actual communication patterns degree of supervision amount of power and authority or specific duties and responsibilitiesWhen designing an organization we must choose a structure that complements the goals of the organizationThe relationships between people and tasks must be set up in a way where the organizations will be able to achieve its goals efficiently and effectively through the use of an inspired workforce Strategic advantage can occur when carefully deciding which employee should be responsible for which dutyFlatter organizations are characterized by managers who have a lot of authority over employees as there are fewer levels of management because of this they cannot monitor all of them atonce therefore these employees must be responsible while in the work environmentIn a bureaucratic structured organization it takes on a topdown management approach it consists of many levels and hierarchical communication channels and career paths there are highly specialized job with specific job descriptions and there is a focus on independent performanceIn a flat organization it takes on a decentralized management approach there are few levels and multi directional communication generally defined jobs associated with a general description of the responsibilities and there is a focus on teams and product developmentIn a matrix organization there are two aspects to each job which are functional and product Finance personnel for product b are responsible to both the finance executive and the product b executiveJob designJob design is the process of organizing work into tasks that are job specific The strategy and the type of organization influences how jobs are designed Effective job design takes into account human and technological factorsJob is a collection of interrelated activities and duties Job is entitled to an individual or may include a number of people in the office
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