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Chapter 5

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter Five Human Resource PlanningMHR NotesHuman Resource Planning HRPthe process of forecasting future human resource requirements to ensure that the organization will have the required number employees with the necessary skills to meet strategic objectivesStrategic Planningdetermining how many people will be available to implement and carry out operations to achieve an organizations objectives eg Building new plants influences the number and type of positions to be fulfilledfailure to properly integrate HRP with strategic planning could result in severe consequencesEnvironmental Scanningmonitoring external factors eg Market demographic and technological trendsSteps in HRP1 Forecasting future human resources needs demand2 Forecasting the availability of internal and external candidates supply3 Planning and implementing HR programs to balance supply and demandStep 1 in detail In order to meet an organizations objectives they must predict how many and what skills need to be required by its employees and potential ones too Factors that need to be considered when determining how many employees are needed include1 Projected turnover due to resignations and turnovers2 Quality and nature of employees in relation to what management sees as the changing needs of the organization3 Decisions to upgrade the quality of products and services or to enter into new markets4 Planned technological and administrative changes that could increase productivity and decrease employment5 The amount of financial resources available
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