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Human Resources
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Pat Sniderman

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Chapter Two The Changing Legal Emphasis MHR Notes ProvincialTerritorial laws govern about 90 of Canadian workers the other 10 of the workforce is governed by federal laws Thus there are 14 jurisdictions 10 provinces 3 territories and Canada as a whole Regulationslegally binding rules created to enforce compliance with the law and aid in its interpretation Charter of Rights and Freedomfederal law enacted in 1982 that guarantees fundamental freedoms to all Canadians The charter allows 1 freedom of conscience and religion 2 freedom of thought belief opinion and expression 3 freedom of peaceful assembly 4 freedom of association Discriminationwhen he or she is perceived to be acting in an unfair or prejudiced mannerThe following are prohibited grounds of discrimination of employment in Ontario They include race colour religion sex marital status age disability sexual orientation national or ethnic origin family status ancestry association and
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