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Chapter 2

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Rupa Banerjee

THE CHANGING IN LEGAL EMPHASIS FROM COMPLIANCE TO VALUING DIVERSITYTHE LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR EMPLOYMENT LAW IN CANADA14 jurisdictions10 provinces3 territories90Canadian workers covered bycanada as a whole federal lawSimilaritiesvacations minimum wage etc differences specific entitlementEmployers with employees in different territories must make sure to abide by the laws in that jurisdictionLegal frame work also includes constitutional law Charteracts of parliamentcommon law accumulation of judicial precedentscontract law governs collective agreements an dindividual employment contractsHuman rights commissionsministries of labour develop regulations to evaluate complaintsTHEN take it to courtEMPLOYMENTLABOUR STANDARDS LEGISLATIONALL employees and employers in Canada covered in every jurisdictionEstablish minimum employee entitlement ie wages and set a limit on the maximum number of hours of work permitted per day or weekOvertime pay MUST be paidEvery jurisdiction has legislation incorporating concept of equal pay for equal workEmployment labour standards legislation or human rights Against sex based discrimination
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