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Chapter 17

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Human Resources
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MHR 523
Rupa Banerjee

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How Intercountry Differences Affect HRM Differences in laws how many employees in board of directorsNeed for security and terrorism awareness trainingcultural factorspower distance how accepting they are of unequal power distributionindividualism vs collectivism ties between individuals loose or close Ie Canadians look out for themselves and immediate family Pakistani people look out for extended family firms Etcattitude towards gender differences male dominated mining ie All of this shows that there is a need to adapt to host country HR practices such as training and pay plansHr staff members in foreign country should include host country citizensHigh degree of sensitivity and empathy needed for cultural and attitudinal demands ESPECIALLy for human jobseconomic systemslegal systems labour laws are differentdifferent definitions of terms such as discrimination minimum wage etc minimum length of service to qualify for severance paylabour cost factors
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