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Chapter 8

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Rupa Banerjee

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MHR Ch 817 omit 9Ch 8 Orientation and TrainingOrientation provides new employees with basic back ground information about the employer and specific information that they need to perform their jobs satisfactorySocialization The ongoing process of instilling in all employees the prevailing attitudes standards values and patterns of behaviour that are expectedOrientation Contents handbook of company history mission working hours and attendance expectations vacations and holidays payroll employee benefits and pensions and work regulations and policiestour of facilities and introductions to the employees supervisor and coworkersexplanation of job procedures duties and responsibilitiessummary of training to be receivedexplanation of performance appraisal criteriaProblems with Orientation ProgramsToo much informationLittle or no orientation is provided common for parttime and contract workersToo broad to be meaningfulToo detailed from immediate supervisorEvaluation of Orientation Programs to assess whether they are providing timely useful information in a costeffective manner1Employee reaction Interview or survey new employees for their opinion on the usefulness of the program2Socialization effects Review new employees at regular intervals to assess progress toward understanding and acceptance of beliefs values and norms of organization3Costbenefit analysis Compare orientation costs and benefits of orientation productivityExecutive Integration processIdentify position specificationsProviding realistic information to job candidates and providing support regarding reality shockAssessing each candidates previous record at making organizational transitionsAnnouncing the hiring with enthusiasmStressing the importance of listening as well as demonstrating competency and promoting more time spent talking with the bossAssisting new executives who are balancing their work to change cultural norms while they themselves are part of the culture
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