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Chapter 8

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Tom Clark

Chapter 8OrientationTraining pgs 216233The Training Processtrainingprocess of teaching employees the basic skills competencies that they need to perform their jobs involves a learning process in which workers are provided with the infoskills that they need to successfully perform their jobs development training of a longterm nature benefits skills rising employee commitmentTrainingLearning training is essentially a learning process learning styles auditory learning through talkinglistening visual learning through picturesprint kinesthetic tactile learning through a whole body experience 1trainees to understandremember material that is meaningful overall picture of material2easy to transfer new skillsbehaviours from the training site to the job site training practice3motivate the trainee4effectively prepare the traineeLegal Aspects of Trainingdiscriminatory negligent trainingoccurs when an rdemployer fails to train adequatelyan employee subsequently harms a 3 partyThe FiveStep Training Process1purpose of need analysis is to identify the specific job performance skills needed to analyze the skillsneeds of the prospective trainees develop specific measurable knowledgeperformance objectives 2instructional design actual content of the training program is collectedproduced including workbooks exercise activities3validation bugs are worked out of the training program by presenting it to a small representative audience4implemented using techniques such as on the job training programmed learning5evaluationprograms successes or failures are assessed Step 1 Training Needs Analysisidentify specific job performance skills needed to improve performanceproductivityanalyze the audience to ensure that the program will be suited to their specific levels of education experience skills as well as their attitudespersonal motivationuse research to develop specific measurable knowledgeperformance objectives determine what training is required determine what the job entailsbreak it down into subtask task analysisdetailed study of a job to identify the skillscompetences it requires so that an appropriate training program can be institutedperformance analysis verifying that there is a performance deficiencydetermining whether that deficiency should be rectified through training or through some other means transferring employee are 2 main techniques for identifying training needs Task Analysis Assessing the Training Needs of New Employees
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