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Human Resources
MHR 600
Saleem Kassum

IntroductionDefining DiversityDefining Diversity Diversity is not another name for affirmative action nor a name for nontraditional or minority group members of organizations nor a synonym for equal employment opportunity Diversity is the variation of social and cultural identities among existing together in a defined employment or marketing setting In this definition the phrase social and cultural identity refers to personal affiliations with groups that research shown to have significant influence on peoples life experiences These affiliations include gender race national origin religion age cohort and work specialization among others Employment and market system includes churches schools factory work teams industrial customers enduse consumers baseball teams military units and so on The geographic scope of the employmentmarketing settings include local regional national and global settings Problems and opportunities of diversity Although the existence of diversity in the workforce is now widely recognized in organizations throughout the world it is too often viewed only in terms of legal compliance and human rights protection Increasing diversity presents a doubleedge sword hence the challenge of managing diversity is to create conditions that minimize its potential to be a performance barrier while maximizing its potential to enhance organizational performance Diversity as a potential performance barrier To begin diversity can reduce the effectiveness of communication and increase conflict among workers Compared to more homogeneous work groups workers in diverse work groups may also experience lower levels of social attraction and display lower level commitment to the group In addiction diversityrelated effects such as identity harassment and discrimination behaviours can increase organizations costs As leaders and managers we may respond to diversitys potential for reducing performance in multiple ways One is to simply avoid diversityDiversity as valueadded activity The other side of the doubleedged sword is that managing diversity well can improve the performance of organizations on variety of criteria First and foremost in the minds of many executives I work with is the criterion of implementing the value of fairness and respect for all people These values are ubiquitous in formal statements of policy in organizations throughout the world Too often however they are just words on laminated cards draw snickers from the
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