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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 623
Genevieve Farrell

MHR623CH 4 pg 109139 Job Analysis Part I Work and Job AnalysisWhat if Work and Job AnalysisWork analysis refers to any systematic gathering documenting and analyzing of information about the content of work performed by people in organizations the worker attributes related to work performance or the contact both psychological and physical in which the work is performed Job analysis refers to the process of collecting information about jobsby any method for any purpose It is a systematic process for gathering documenting and analyzing data about the work required for a job A job analysis doesnt refer to a single methodology but rather to a range of techniquesA job analysis is a formal structured process carried out under a set of guidelines established in advanceA job analysis breaks down a job into its constituent parts rather than looking at the job as a wholeFor RS the results of the job analysis should specify the requirements of the job that are subsequently used to establish employee selection procedures Two basic products of a job analysis job descriptiona written description of what job occupants are required to do how they are supposed to do it and the rationale for any required job proceduresjob specificationthe knowledge skills abilities and other attributes or competencies that are needed by a job incumbent to perform well on the job Job vs Position Job is a collection of positions that are similar in their significant duties Position is a collection of duties assigned to individuals in an organization at a given time Job family is a set of different but related jobs that rely on the same set of KSAOs KSAOs are the knowledge skills abilities and other attributes necessary for a new incumbent to do well on the job also referred to as a job employment or worker specifications SubjectMatter Experts SMEsPeople who are most knowledgeable about a job and how its currently performed generally job incumbents and their supervisorsJob Analysis and Employment LawA Reprise employment decisions must be based on jobrelated information and a job analysis is a le
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