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Human Resources
MHR 623
Genevieve Farrell

MHR623 CH 7Selection I Applicant ScreeningApplicant ScreeningScreening is the first step of the selection process and involves identifying individuals from the applicant pool who have minimum qualifications for the target positions Minimum qualifications MQ are the knowledge skills abilities experiences and other attributes and competencies deemed necessary for minimally acceptable performance in one or more positions designed for making the first cut in screening job applicants and sometimes referred to as selection criteriaDesignated targeted groups the four groups women visible minorities Aboriginal peoples and people with disabilities designated in the federal governments Employment Equity Act that receive legal protection in employment policies and practices because of their underrepresentation in the workplaceRecruitment Screening and Selection Recruitment seeks to find a sufficient number of qualified applicants Screening identifies whether those candidates who applied meet minimum requirements and selection reviews each qualified candidate to find individuals who will be most successful in the job Selection ratio is the proportion of applicants for one or more positions who are hired False positives individuals who are predicted to perform successfully in a given position based on preselection assessment scores but who dont perform at satisfactory levels when placed on the job False negatives individuals who are predicted to perform unsuccessfully in a given position based on preselection assessment scores but who would perform at satisfactory levels if hired Screening Methods seek to predict job performance based on the applicants life experiences within andor outside work Some methods include application forms resumes reference letters background checks and work experience assessmentsApplication Forms also referred to as an application bank which is a form completed by job candidates to provide an employer with basic information about their knowledge skills education or other jobrelated informationHuman Rights Considerations questions cant ask for information that is prohibited on discriminatory grounds unless it c
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