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Human Resources
MHR 623
Genevieve Farrell

MHR623CH 6 RecruitmentRecruitment is the first step in the selection process recruitment is the generation of an applicant pool for a position or job in order to provide the required number of qualified candidates for a subsequent selection or promotion process The process by which an organization searches forout locates attracts and obtains candidates in sufficient quantity and quality in a timely fashion to meet its hiring needs Applicant pool is the set of potential candidates who may be interested in and who are likely to apply for a specific job Recruiting is a two way street because applicants use this process to form their opinions about an organization as well Selfselecting out occurs during the recruitment and selection process when candidates form the opinion that they do not want to work in the organization for which they are being recruited The Organizational ContextOrganizational characteristics such as location size of the enterprise and type of industry are all deciding factors for applicants finding a jobInterests and values an individuals likes and dislikes and the importance or priorities attached to those likes and dislikeswill influence the relative importance of different organizational attributes and whether an individual will apply for a specific job Job search is the strategies techniques and practices an individual uses in looking for a jobCorporate Image and Applicant AttractionCorporate image predicts the likelihood of interest on the part of a job seekerA job applicants degree of familiarity with the organization is one of the most prominent factors influencing organizational attractiveness Providing more information about an organization appears to influence job applicant behaviour since there is organizational familiarity which increases attractiveness to applicants since they receive more information about a company through employment adve
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