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Human Resources
MHR 623
Genevieve Farrell

MHR623 CH 8Selection II TestingWhat Do You Know about Employment TestsPersonality tests are widely used for middle management jobs while aptitude tests are common for white collar and sales jobsChoosing a Test choose a test that assesses the attributes that are important for success on the targeted job Ability and Aptitude TestsAbility Tests Abilities are enduring general traits or characteristics on which people differ and which they bring to a work situation Skill refers to an individuals degree of proficiency or competency on a given task which develops through performing the task Aptitude is a specific narrow ability or skill that may be used to predict job performance Human abilities can be grouped into four broad categories cognitive psychomotor physical and sensoryperceptual abilities Cognitive Ability Tests Cognitive abilities are intelligence general mental ability or intellectual ability These abilities include verbal and numerical ability reasoning memory problem solving and processing information among others GMA General mental abilitycognitive ability promotes effective learning efficient and accurate problem solving and clear communications Measurements of GMA are among the most powerful predictors of success in training and job performance for a variety of occupational groups Multiple Aptitude Test Batteries tests of specific abilities provide validity coefficients in the same range as GMA or even a bit more They measure the same construct as GMAs Experts say that using measures of specific cognitive abilities rather than a GMA test may improve applicant reactions in that specific measures are more transparently related to what applicants managers and other stakeholders deem job relevant Practical IntelligenceJob Knowledge Practical intelligence is the ability to apply ideas in real world contexts knowing how to get things done Tacit knowledgeis knowledge that is derived from experience whenlearning is not the primary objective Measurements of tacit knowledge and practical intelligence have predicted performance of bank managers salespeople and military personnel Job knowledge is when one is knowledgeable of issues andor procedures deemed essential for successful job performance Emotional Intelligence the ability to accurately perceive and appraise emotion in oneself and others and t
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