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Chapter 12

Chap 12 study notes

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Ryerson University
Industrial Engineering
IND 712
Patrick Neumann

Musculoskeletal Disorders MSDCumulative traumaTopics1General comments2handwrist3shoulderneckelbow4back5leg10 General commentsSafety concerned with short termseconds effects of physical agents ex cutting off finger w a punch pressToxicology generally deals w the long term effectsyears or decades of chemicals on the body organs ex exposed to acetone for 10 yrs causing damage to nerv system MSD concerned w intermediate termmonthsyears effects of the body activity upon the nerves muscles joints and ligamentsex back pain due to liftingCT gradually wears away on the body weak or strong body Ergo approach to make job fit the person not the converse Standard approach to reduce MSD1a written program2employee involvementtraining 3medical mang4program evaluation RISK FACTOR FORMULAformula is not accurate or validexponentsconstants for diff activities are not knownnot sure if multiplicative or additiveassumes no interactiongives avg value for pop not indEng should reduce the various risk factorsrealizing that an exact prediction of the reduction of risk is not avail Analogous to smoking cigarettes
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