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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Chapter 1 – IT for business and business and business professionals Why IS matters • Knowledge work involves discover, analysis, transformation, synthesis, and communication of data, information, and knowledge What is an information system? • Information system (IS) is an organized collection of people, information, business processes, and IT, designed to transform inputs into outputs, in order to achieve a goal • Input is items entered into a system to transform them into outputs (ex. Entering email address into your contact list) • Process is a series of one or more steps used by a business to transform inputs into outputs (ex. Save to contact database) • Output is the end result of a process (ex. Alphabetical list of friends and their contact information) • Data is raw, unorganized facts (ex. People who might go to a trip during spring break) • Information is processed/organized/transformed data that are useful (ex. Confirmed list of people going to trip during spring break) • Knowledge is information plus human experience and judgment (ex. If many people agree on 1 location, you can get a discount on the trip) • IT is the physical parts such as hardware, software and connectivity that make up the IT portion of an IS (ex. Website) • Business process is a collection of steps that interact with each other to transform inputs into outputs to achieve a goal (function on website is included for your friends to rank the trip locations in order of preference) • People have an interest in and an influence on the creation, implementation or operation of an IS (comments on website by people about locations they like) • Decision is a choice made from one or more alternatives to follow or avoid some course of action (number of votes received toward selecting a spring break location) www.notesolution.com • Business value is a positive return on the investment of resources created through the effective and efficient integration of an organization’s people, information, IT and business processes (efficiently coordinated your friends to select a location for spring break and negotiate a group discount) The internet • Internet is an important part of our personal and business life • There are 3 reasons: communication, information and commerce • Communication generates business value by making it possible for knowledge-enabled professionals to share information both between themselves and with business partners • Internet does it by providing newsgroups, chat rooms, bulletin boards • Most widely used part of the internet is World Wide Web (www) • It is an internet software application that allows us to transfer text, images, audio and video • Commerce is the business value by being an opportunity for the buying and selling of goods • E-commerce is the use of information systems, technologies, and computer networks by individuals and organizations to create business value Business organizations and the business environment • When we refer to business, we mean any organization with 1 or more people who: o Decide on common goals to pursue o Work together to locate and organize resources o Create processes to achieve the desired goals
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