ITM 100 Chapter 9: Compare the business models and areas of strength of Apple

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Debapriya Sen

Ravinder Sandhu #500777708 Battling for Your Internet Experience 1. As three of the biggest companies trying to dominate the internet user’s experience Apple, Google, and Microsoft all contain a different business model and strategy for success. Every business’s business model was described in this case as: Apple: Apple has a unique business model. Apple’s business model focuses on mobile devices which include their top of the line devices such as; iPhone and iPads. Apple controls a 27% of the mobile market, with over 700,000 applications. Apple takes a 30 percent of the revenue generated from these Applications. As of right now, Apple has two major operating systems (OS) which are Mac OS X, which is for their MacBook, iMac, and Mac Pro; Also they have iOS which are for their mobile devices. As of 2016, Apple’s iPhone is the highest grossing cell phone out in the market. Microsoft: Microsoft has an entirely different approach than Apple when it comes to their business model. Microsoft’s operating system is used in 90% of the worlds computers. As this number is dramatically increasing each year, Microsoft remains to the be the leader in the operating systems, dominating Apple. As Microsoft is trying a variety of things, they failed miserably when it came to releasing their first ever phone and cloud-based software apps. Unlike Apple, Microsoft did not find any success in the Mobile Industry, and it is becoming a huge liability as they move forward. Google: Google’s business model is completely different from both Apple and Microsoft. Google focuses on advertising and operating systems. Google, unlike both Apple and Microsoft, has a competitive advantage with their search engine. Google uses their Search engine to generate revenue from advertising (AdSense). Google is also controlling Androids operating system, which gives them in an entry to the mobile industry. As Google is constantly helping Android, their mobile market is growing at an alarming rate, with three times faster than the iPhones market share. 2. Mobile computing is so important to these three firms because of the relevant data being collected from these devices. In the modern day an age, e-commerce marketplace and the applications that are used to enrich the user's experience of using their mobile device is a $400 billion environment. As technology advances, mobile devices are becoming more critical in businesses. People use their phones to use the internet, listen to music, read emails, check company data, etc. As Apple, Google, and Microsoft is fighting to impress consumers, they are offering services such as: Apple: Using closed proprietary systems. Also developing apps that only provide through programs such as iTunes (Apple made). Apple is hoping for their iPad to be as successful as their iPhones in their targeted industry. Microsoft: As Microsoft has dramatically failed with their Windows 8 phones, they are currently trying to push their search engine “Bing” as a default internet browser. Google: Googl
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