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Chapter 7

chapter 7

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Chapter 7Creating IS solutions and managing IS projectsThe stages and importance of the system development life cycle SDLCSDLC is the common term used for the stages and activities of system developmentSDLC is made up of process that happens from start of a system to its endSDLC ends when company no longer needs the system and replaced with something newIS project involves more than technology there are 4 different pillars that impact an IS projectYou need the right people with the right skills your IS development teamThey must have the right tools and methods to build the systemYou need to manage the process carefully to ensure successFailure to follow these pillars can damage your projectEach stage of the SDLC is linked with a set of activities within the project team and development teamThroughout the life cycle various dept or functions will be doing different things to support the IS as it progresses through the stages of SDLCIS goes through 7 phasesConceptthe environment within the organization either promotes or holds back the development of ideas for systemsInceptionthis phase begins when an organization has the idea to build an ISElaborationthis phase the project team finalizes the requirements for the system and the project plan and designs the system architectureConstructionthis phase the team builds the initial running systemTransitionthis phase the team finalizes the system and puts it in placeProductiononce the system is up and running in this phase the organization must continuously monitor maintain and evaluate the systemRetirementthis phase the system may lose its value to the company new systems often replace the outdated oneFor example as marketing assistant at WildOutfitterscom you see that sales are not as high during December as they could beYou come up with idea to increase website sales conceptYou gather data from last 5 years sales of December and see that it is always less than summer and call for a meeting with manager and IT team to discuss the information manager and IT team agrees your idea is feasible and should generate a favourable ROI inceptionWith help of IT and ad department you design a content that will be sent via email to all customers and with a link to a Christmas list generator that encourages customers to add hiking equipment to their Christmas list elaborationIT builds the mailing list and new web page for Christmas list with links to online product catalogue and shopping cart marketing department writes the content of email and website construction
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