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Information Technology Management
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Ron Babin

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 Buy the iClicker 2.0  Professor RON BABIN “Prof Ron” Why get a degree in BTM?  Position yourself for a successful career in the information age  Evidence of your abilities  Establish life-long learning skills  This course is designed to help you make management decisions about which technologies can help an organization achieve competitive advantage  Foundational Skills o Analysis and critical thinking skills o Access Ryerson resources o Research information o Writing, Communicating, Time Management, Decision Making, Good Judgement  READ THE CASES BEFORE COMING TO CLASS  20% of the exam is based on analyzing and solving a case (exam is worth 35%)  Book is called Business Driven Information Systems (3 Canadian Edition By Baltzans, Detlor and Welsh) o To connect Clicker, connect frequency and write BB o Must read every chapter of the book (1 chapter a week! Information Technology  Examples of the power of business and technology: o Amazon – not a technology company, primary business focus is selling books o Netflix – Not a technology company, primary business focus is renting videos o Any Canadian Bank – not technology companies; primary business is financial services. When was the last time you actually went to a bank?  CIO = Chief Information Officer o Person responsible for the use of technology to benefit the company  Competitive Advantage – a product or service that an organization’s customers place a greater value on than similar offerings from a competitor. NETFLIX KILLED BLOCKBUSTER  Organizations typically operate by functional areas or functional silos o Functional areas are interdependent  Information Systems (IS) – any computer-based tool that people use to work with information and that supports the information and information-processing needs of an organization o An information system that can be an important enabler of business success and innovation  People use information systems to transform data into information and information into knowledge. o PEOPLE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY (People use Processes to worth with Information systems to produce Information o Data is raw information used to describe a characteristic. Information is when that data is converted into a meaningful context. Knowledge is when that information can be acted upon  Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)– responsible for ensuring the ethical and legal use of information  Chief Security Officer (CSO) – Ensures security and protection of IS from viruses, etc  PIPEDA – Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act , protects your privacy electronically (rules and laws governing use of your information)  Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – Responsible for ensuring the throughput, speed, accuracy, availability, and reliability of IT  Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) – Responsible for collecting, maintaining and distributi
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