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Chapter 6

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Chapter 6: Customer Relationship Management Case Questions: 1. Summarize the evolution of CRM and provide an example of reporting, analyzing and predicting question that Fairmount might ask its customers. The evolution of customer relationship management has been integrated with technology which has three phases reporting which is keep track of the customer history which is operational CRM also real time tracking. Then analyzing is why did it happen which segment their customers into categories such as best and worst customers. Finally prediction helps predict the next move or behaviour of the customer. Fairmount might ask its customers as a reporting question, what type of room would you like to stay in? Knowing their preference would ensure their history. Fairmount might ask its customers as an analyzing question, did you enjoy your stay? Why did you enjoy it or did not enjoy it? Fairmount might ask its customers as a predicting question, will you be coming back anytime soon? When knowing if they come back, offering a promotion would boost the customer experience even more. 2. How has Fairmont effectively used CRM systems to improve its operations? What other CRM systems could Fairmount employ to improve its operations? Fairmount has effectively used CRM systems to improve its operations by guest recognition program, consolidating guest information and enhancing guest experience. Another CRM system Fairmount could employ to improve its operations are loyalty programs or promotions for dedicated customers. 3. Define analytical CRM. How has Fairmont effectively used analytical CRM? How important is analytical CRM to companies like Fairmount? Analytical CRM supports back-to back office operations which they do not deal directly with customers. They operate the data warehouse and data mining. It is crucial for Fairmount because all the sales system, marketing systems and customer service systems are held in the data warehouse and data mining 4. What is the difference between customer data, customer information and business intelligence? Give examples of each from the Opening Case Study. In your opinion is there a difference between business intelligence and analytical CRM? Customer data is the information of the customer behaviour and moves. Customer information is the info to provide before processing or creating an account. Business intelligence is a computer based which can spot out the moves of the customer, s
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