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Chapter 12

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

ITM100 Chapter 12 Networks, Telecommunications and Mobile Technology Lecture 12: Basics of Business Tech Telecommunication systems – enable the transmission of data over public or private network Internet is PUBLIC Sending email is PRIVATE Network – is a communications, data exchange, and resource-sharing system created by linking two or more computers and establishing standards, or protocols so that they can work together Network Basics Local area network (LAN) – designed to connect a group of computer in close proximity to each other such as in an office building, a school or home. Useful for sharing files, printers, games or other apps Wide area network (WAN) spans a large geographic area, such as a state, province, or country. WANS often connect multiple smaller networks such as LANs or MANs Metropolitan area (MAN) – large computer network spanning a city Using Networks and telecommunications in business  Voice over IP (VoIP)– use TCP/IP technology to transmit voice calls over long distance telephone lines  Networking businesses Virtual private network (VPN) – is a way to use the public telecommunication infrastructure (ex Internet) to provide secure access to an organizations network. (unsecure) Value-added network (VAN) – private network, provided by a third party, for exchanging information through a high capacity connection  Increasing the speed of business Bandwidth –is the difference between the highest and the lowest frequencies that can be transmitted on a single medium and is a measure of the medium’s capacity Broadband – generally refers to high speed Internet connections transmitting data at speed greater than 200 kb per second (Kps), compared to the 56 kps max speed offered by traditional dial-up connections  Securing business networks Tech Advantages Disadvantages Digital subscriber line (DSL) - Good upload rates - Speeds vary - Uses existing depending on telephone lines distance from telephone companys central office - Slower downloads than less expensive alternatives Cable - Uses existing cable - Shared connections infrastructure can overload system, - Low cost equipment slowing upload times TI/T3 dedicated line - Use existing phone - Performance drops wiring significantly with range - Susceptible to cross talk Fibre to the home - Fast data speeds - Not widely available - Infrastructure has yet long life expectancy - Significant - Low maintenance deployment cost (for
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