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Chapter 1

Ch. 1 - Information Systems in Global Business Today

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Information Technology Management
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ITM 100
Ron Babin

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Information Systems in Global Business TodayCh 1Section 11y Old systems are being destroyed and replaced by new systems and successful firms are those who know how to use information systemy 3 interrelated changeso Emerging mobile platform iPhones BlackBerrys netbookso Growth of online software as a serviceo Growth in cloud computing which is more business software over the Internety Without changes such as management behaviour the global economy would not succeedThe Emerging Firmy Digital Firm almost all of the organizations business relationships with customers suppliers and employees are digitally enabledy Business Processes the set of logically related tasksbehaviours developed over time to produce specific resultsunique manner accomplished through digital networksy Key corporate assets are managed through digital intellectual property core competenciesfinancial and human assetsy Digital firms respond quicker than traditional firms which gives them more flexibility to surviveStrategic Business Objectives of Information Systemsy Sectors of the economy are nearly impossible without investment in information systemsy Business firms invest a lot in information systems to achieve 6 strategic objectiveso Operational excellence o New products services and business modelsBusiness Model how a company produces deliverssells a productservice to create wealtho Customer and supplier intimacy
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