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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Vikraman Baskaran

ITM Chapter 5Fat client a client computer with most of its resources ex processing power software and data on the fat client instead of the server LAN is a network that is housed in one building or on one floor of a building It has a limited geographic scope IT infrastructures are the shared technology resources that provide the platform for the firms specific information system applications including hardware software and servicessuch as consulting education and trainingthat are shared across the entire business units in the firmThey are also a set of firm wide services budgeted by management and comprising of both human and technical capabilities These services include Computing platforms used to provide computing services that connect employees customers and suppliers into a cohort digital environmentlaptopsdesktop PDAs and Internet appliancesTelecommunications services that provide data voice and video connectivity to employees customers and suppliersData management services that store and manage corporate data and provide capabilities for analyzi
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