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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Catherine Middleton

ITM 102 Chapter 3- - Information system and organizations influence one another - Interaction between them is based on many different aspects including goal, structure, culture, environment, etc. - Organizations are a form of social structure that uses resources to produce goods or services. - To implement information technology, organizations not only rearrange or add machineries, it has to change the way they think, work, relationships, etc. - Techniques and behavior does not separate technology systems, rather complements them. - Routines develop into business processes, and combination of business processes are organizations - Organizational politics influence implementation of information technology in entities. - Information systems are key for “scanning” external changes, so managers can react quickly to those changes internally. - Disruptive technology- when technology changes whole landscape of the whole industry - Five types of organizations: Entrepreneurial structure, Machine bureaucracy, multiple bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, and adhocracy. - Machine
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